The best possible energy mix: FinCo Fuel and EQUANS work together on Dutch electrification


The best possible energy mix: FinCo Fuel and EQUANS work together on Dutch electrification

Rotterdam, December 23, 2021 

FinCo Fuel and EQUANS, market leader in sustainable technical services, are entering into a three-year partnership. The aim is to further stimulate e-mobility in the Netherlands. It is the first time that FinCo Fuel takes strategic steps in this respect.

Further greening of the transport world

Electric transport plays an important role in reducing CO2 emissions and improving air quality. The number of electric and plug-in electric vehicles on Dutch roads is therefore growing steadily. There is still a lot of sustainable profit to be made with liquid fuels now and in the future, but FinCo Fuel wants to look further. Other energy carriers are also needed to make the transport world as green as possible.

The cooperation with EQUANS gives us the opportunity to contribute to this. Not only does it allow us to exchange our knowledge: EQUANS on the electric energy market and FinCo Fuel on the laws and regulations 'Energie voor Vervoer' and the developments therein. The commitment also results in good rates for EV drivers who use EQUANS' charging infrastructure and its customers including counties and businesses. This will facilitate the transition to more and more electric driving.

An attractive combination

'FinCo Fuel is proud to contribute in this way to make Dutch transport more sustainable,' says Pieter Peeters, CEO of FinCo Fuel Netherlands. 'Our alliance with EQUANS fits FinCo's vision on energy transition: there is no single solution for making the transport sector more sustainable, you have to go for the best possible combination of green energy carriers. That means that in addition to liquid low-carbon fuels you also look at, as in this case, electric driving.'

Ralph van Moorsel, Director of Sustainable Energy & Networks at EQUANS, is also happy with the collaboration. 'The knowledge, creativity and hands on mentality of FinCo Fuel fit seamlessly with EQUANS' mission to work together on a sustainable and accessible Netherlands' he says. 'FinCo Fuel is demonstrating that it takes the opportunities presented by the energy transition seriously, just like us.’