Step forward in greening: the introduction of bio-methanol


Step forward in greening: the introduction of bio-methanol

Rotterdam, December 28, 2021 

At FinCo Fuel, we are always looking for better. Better raw materials, better conversion technologies that result in fuels with even greater CO2 savings. That is an ongoing quest, in which we gather knowledge and experience with various advanced products that can be blended. For example, we recently carried out a test in our FinCo Fuel distribution system on the blending of a new bio-product: bio-methanol.

Bio-methanol is a promising and accessible transition fuel for the inland, coastal and fisheries sectors, in this case derived from advanced and ISCC-certified woody biomass. Its use can contribute to further greening of the transport sector in a relatively short period of time.

Although the end product is offered unchanged within the applicable gasoline specification, the amount of methanol that is added as a bio-component to the E10 provides an extra CO2 reduction compared to ethanol: more than 90% instead of an average of 75%. Moreover, the combustion of methanol does not create particulate matter. The use of bio-methanol is therefore an important step forward in our quest to make our transport fuels more sustainable.

The test in the FinCo Fuel distribution system provides us with knowledge about bio-methanol: how the product acts as a blend component and how it fits into our processes and into legislation. Our search never stops.