FinCo introduces a new fuel that changes everything


FinCo introduces a new fuel that changes everything

Dordrecht, February 1, 2018

FinCo proudly presents its new fuel named ChangeXL

ChangeXL fuels are available as per 1st of February 2018 at the FinCo Terminals Amsterdam, Groningen and Enschede. Shortly it will also be available via FinCo at Rotterdam.

It is a premium diesel and gasoline. ChangeXL is the most green fuel available on the market. "Users will be surprised about the unprecedented performance". As an indication: 30% -40% emission reduction for soot and fine dust, 4-11% fuel savings, 4-11% Co2 emission reduction and 10-20% emission reduction for NOx.

The ChangeXL fuel is based on a mixture of natural enzymes called biocatalysts. This unique plant enzyme technology ensures a molecular change of the fuel, leading to faster and better combustion, fewer emissions and years of stability.

Arno de Graaf of FinCo highlights that there is a lot of talk in the market about sustainability, but little action is taken. As a supplier of fuels, we see that retailers, traders and end-users alike are awaiting their choices regarding the use of alternative fuels. This is mainly related to price in relation to performance. FinCo is convinced that ChangeXL fuels fit perfectly in the transitional phase from fossil fuels to other energy sources. ChangeXL gives unprecedented performance at a very affordable price.