FinCo Fuel and African Clean Energy start a three-year partnership


FinCo Fuel and African Clean Energy start a three-year partnership

Rotterdam, September 15, 2020 

The Dutch FinCo Fuel Group has started a three-year collaboration with African Clean Energy (ACE) around their smart cooker ACE One. The collaboration stems from FinCo Fuel's objective to make its own business activities CO2-neutral. FinCo Fuel invests both resources and knowledge in ACE. The two parties are also working together to make the results of the ACE One more measurable, so that more partners can be involved in the project.

More than reducing
In order to operate completely CO2 neutral within a few years, FinCo Fuel has already started several CO2 reduction measures and projects, but not all operational emissions can be avoided. The search for suitable CO2 offsets to compensate the remaining emissions led FinCo Fuel to the ACE One of ACE. With this cooker, ACE creates a major impact on CO2 reduction by means of a simple but easily scalable and widely applicable technique.

About the ACE One
With the ACE One, ACE has developed an innovative hybrid cooker that combines solar energy with a fire oven. This results in optimum combustion that reduces emissions and is suitable for a wide variety of renewable fuels, such as waste wood and crop residues. The appliance also feeds an LED lamp and charges telephones. Because of the optimal combustion, cooking with the ACE One is also much less harmful than cooking on an open fire. In this way, ACE gives millions of people in Africa and Asia who normally cook their food on an open fire, potential access to both a cleaner and more efficient cooker and to solar energy and light. At the same time, CO2 reduction is an investment in improving the well-being of users.

Increase impact
The realised CO2 reduction with the ACE One compared to cooking on an open fire is estimated to be at least 2 tons per cooker per year.

"As FinCo Fuel, we were not just looking for a way to purchase CO2 reductions. We also wanted to put our reductions to work. With the budget of the CO2 offsets we purchase from ACE, we create maximum impact by increasing the use of the cookers". Manager Renewables Strategy & Development, Bart-Willem ten Cate.

The aim is to develop, within the term of the partnership, a methodology that will enable ACE to value the use of cooking appliances - including the use of sustainable pellets - in CO2 off-sets in a transparent, traceable and data-based manner. Barnhoorn: "This data will then be used to attract new partners for the purchase of the remaining CO2 credits and thus increase the impact even further".

Photo: 'Basotho Chiaroscuro' by Humberto Tan. As ambassador of the SDG ACE Foundation, Humberto Tan made a photo series in Lesotho and translated the story into images.