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InfraVia Capital Partners and Coloured Finches sell Alkion Terminals BV (“Alkion”) to Koole Terminals BV (“Koole”)


InfraVia Capital Partners and Coloured Finches sell Alkion Terminals BV (“Alkion”) to Koole Terminals BV (“Koole”)

Press release – November 17, 2022 

InfraVia & Coloured Finches announce today that they have closed the transaction to sell Alkion to Koole. Alkion is a leading bulk liquid storage operator and consolidation platform in Western Europe focusing on chemicals and biofuels, operating nine terminals in five major European economies. Alkion is currently managing 1.2 million cubic meters of capacity with significant additional organic growth planned in biofuel and chemical products storage across its locations.

InfraVia, alongside Coloured Finches, has finalized the sale of Alkion to Koole, a major player in the storage, processing and logistics of a highly diversified base of large-volume products including chemicals and biofuel products.

Since the establishment of Alkion’s platform in 2016, the business has developed exponentially thanks to numerous acquisitions, first-class operational services and an extraordinary team. Over the past 6 years, the business has shown strong resilience as well as outstanding performance. In addition, the company enjoys a very healthy pipeline of development projects to expand the range of customer services fully integrated in the supply chain of its customers.

The terms of the transaction are not disclosed.

About Alkion Terminals
Alkion provides forward-thinking bulk liquid storage services at nine terminal sites in France, Italy, Spain, Portugal and the Netherlands. It acts as an essential link in the global network that facilitates modern life with the objective to help customers operate seamless supply chains. Alkion goes to great lengths to store and handle hazardous liquid products prudently and competently. In doing so it strives for resource efficient operations with lower emissions. In order to achieve this Alkion actively explores and invests in storage solutions that expedite the transition to a more sustainable world.

Media Contacts
Rutger van Thiel Chief Executive Officer | +31 (6) 83 59 06 76

Kimon Palinginis Chief Commercial Officer | +31 (6) 25 32 35 75

About InfraVia Capital Partners
InfraVia is a leading independent private equity firm specialized in infrastructure and technology investments. InfraVia supports entrepreneurs and industrial players in their growth and digital strategy, accelerating their transformation into sizeable platforms. Since 2008, InfraVia has raised more than EUR 10 billion of capital and invested in 50+ companies across 13 European countries.

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INFRAVIA: Vincent LEVITA Founder and CEO |+33 (0)1 40 68 17 38

TADDEO: Antoine Denry | +33 (0) 6 18 07 83 27

About Coloured Finches
Coloured Finches is a Dutch company established by former CEOs from the oil downstream industry. The independent group is active in the integrated downstream business and has extensive knowledge and experience in owning and operating storage terminals.

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Rutger van Thiel - Partner | +31 (6) 83 59 06 76

Jan Willem van der Velden – Partner |+31 (6) 53 30 95 40